Monday, February 15, 2010

My blog: The Beginning

So I finally decided to give in and create my blog. I've been thinking about it off and on for a while now. Becoming a SAHM has a lot to do with that. I have to be pretty thrifty to be able to give my daughters most of the things they want/need. If I can make it myself I usually do. I do occasionally assign projects to my sister, mostly because she enjoys sewing way more than I do. Some of my projects over the past year include: Hairbows, Hairbow Holders, Wall Art, Feather Fascinators, Wedding Fascinators, Crocheted Amigurumi, Tutu's etc.

I love arts and crafts shows and went to An Affair of the Heart (a huge local craft show) yesterday. New ideas seem to be in short supply lately but I did find one thing I would like to try. Boutique picture frames like the ones at Anabelle's are definitely on my to-do list.

Right now all of my spare time (what little I have of it with having to chase a mobile 10-month old around the house) is occupied with wedding stuff. No unfortunately I'm not talking about my wedding. That is still a couple of years away according to the bf (but I'm working on him too in my spare time). No, a friends daughter is getting married in May and I am busy making fascinators for the bride and bridesmaids and a headband for the flower girl and jr. bridesmaid. I also get to help make her garter and bling out her veil, flower girl basket and ringbearer pillow. I will of course post pics as projects get made.

I guess that is enough introduction for now. I'm sure you'll get to know me better in the future!!! That is if I don't forget to blog about things. Did I mention that I'm a little absent-minded? No? hmmmmm I know I meant to do that...........