Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Planning!!!

It's hard for me to believe that next Friday my little one will be 1!! I love planning birthdays and when my oldest was younger I tended to go a bit overboard. I have learned in the past few years to limit myself to what I can actually get accomplished and what will work for certain ages. With that in mind I have decided to keep this party relatively small and invite only immediate family and one other family that we are very close to. Even keeping it that small the guest list is going to be a bit over 20 people!!

I usually have a theme for birthdays but this time we are just going to go with hot pink and zebra. I was able to find her invitations, plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby (and use a 40% off coupon...yay!!!) along with a special birthday girl hat.

I love doing birthday outfits as well to go along with the theme. For my oldest daughter's last birthday we had a pirate party and I made her a red and black tutu and she wore black tights and I found a white shirt with a black vest attached to it and she looked so adorable!!

So of course I had to come up with something for the little one as well!! I was trying to wait for Halo Heaven to get their new zebra pettiskirts in but around the 1st of April I decided I couldn't wait any longer to get everything ordered. Luckily one of the girls on the Hip Girls Forum had an extra one that she sold to me for much cheaper than I could get anywhere else (except Halo Heaven). My friend Jamie (who owns JC Pretties) is custom making her hairbow and shirt for me since I have limited sewing skills and no time to make her hairbow. I am sending some leggings, ribbon and tulle to my sister tomorrow so she can get those sewn for me. Hopefully everything will coordinate well and she will be adorable as always!!

As for party favors I am trying to make it as simple as possible with bubbles, bouncy balls etc. I am however attempting to make so tulle puff wands but couldn't get my hands on any 3/8 inch zebra ribbon on short notice so I am layering a 1/4 white ribbon on top of a 3/8 inch black ribbon. I'll post pics of everything after her birthday. Can't wait!!!