Thursday, June 10, 2010

Craziness and Tutu's

It is finally quiet and peaceful in my house. For an hour or so anyway. The cookie monster is asleep and I have some me time. So, I figured why not catch up on the blog. Well, to be honest I was checking out a friend's blog and thought it was time to update mine. Her blog is called Shutterscheck and she is an awesome photographer. She took my belly pics when I was pregnant and the aforementioned cookie monster's newborn pics.

So check her out.

We went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and I sorta wish we were still there after the morning I had. Who knew a 13 month old could cry so much about EVERYTHING!! Oh well she is cute enough most of the time that I will forgive her. Check out this pic of her in a tutu.

Super cute I know. That tutu took me 2 days and over 100 yards of tulle to make it. It is reversible so it would be black and white with a pink fringe when it is reversed. I didn't get pictures of that though because the monster quit cooperating after I took it off of her. I'll make one for anyone who wants it but it will cost you. Of course if you want to make your own you can buy the tutorial for it here. There is a free tutuorial that makes a similar tutu here but after buying the Bella Ragazza tutorial I would say that it is well worth the $7.50!!

Well I think I hear the cookie monster stirring so mommy time is over for now. I will leave you with the link to my Facebook fan page for Chica Monkey Boutique

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